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    Auto Detailing Services

    * Minimum Requirement for Automobiles is two vehicles or multible services.

    Porsche Experience
    • All Full Service Washes and Details are completed with strict adherence to company protocol.  A manager must check vehicles for quality control.  It is company policy that all compartments (glove boxes, closed consoles, trunks) are off-limits, and only cleaned upon customer's request.  


    "We understand that our customer is our greatest asset so we treat you like family and your car as it were our very own."

    • Economy Full Service Wash

    $29.99/ cars

    $34.99/ small trucks & SUVs

    $39.99/ SUVs, trucks and minivans *

    • Wash, hand-dried, rims cleaned, tire shine, clean door jambs, windows cleaned (in & out), vacuum inside, clean cup holders, wipe downs of dashboard, center console, cluster, steering column and door panels, air freshener **


        • Gold Full Service Wash
          $34.99/ Cars
          $39.99/ Small trucks & SUVs
          $44.99/ SUVs, trucks and minivans *
    o Economy full service wash + Wash& Wax soap, interior condition / leather  protectant, compressed air to get access water on outside and
       water inside of rims **
    Premium Full Service Wash
          $39.99/ Cars
          $44.99/ Small trucks & SUVs
          $49.99/ SUVs, trucks and minivans *
              o Gold Full Service Wash + Rain X & Body Shine **
                 * Running boards and wheel wells cleaned on trucks and SUVs
               ** Additional fees for excessive pet dander, foul odors or excessive dirt/sand. Most fees waived with Premium Wash

    Details Services (all details are seperate from full service washes):


    New service(s):

    Wash & Wax: (wash, rinse, dry, rims, wheels, exterior windows and hand-wax)      $45.00 add $5.00 for minivans and all-sized trucks and SUVs


    Spray Wax:  Spray wax will be applied to vehicle after washing.  Spray wax, unlike a paste wax, will burn off between 45-60 days.  Spray waxes will leave a brilliant shine and is ideal for motorcycles or vehicles not driven much and kept covered or enclosed. $19.99

    • polish $29.99
    • carpet shampoo $29.99
    • seat shampoo $29.99
    • pristine clean $29.99
    • headliner shampoo $19.99
    • paint sealant $29.99
    • interior super clean (interior clean, carpet shampoo, seat shampoo, pristine clean, headliner shampoo) $95 add $5 for SUVs, trucks and minivans
    • exterior showroom shine (exterior wash, clay bar, high-speed buff w/ Ardex's famous Miami Shine wax and rim polish) $199.00 add $5.00 for small trucks & SUVs and $10.00 for minivans, trucks and SUVs.
    • Full Detail (premium wash, carpet shampoo, seat shampoo, pristine clean and hand-wax) $129.99 add $5.00 for small trucks & SUVs and $10.00 for minivans, trucks and SUVs. 
    • Headlight restoration $25.00 per headlight
    • Clay bar $50 per hour
    • Rim polish $24.99
    • Engine clean $19.99
    • High speed buffing $50 per hour
    10 Reasons Why A Clean Car Is Important:
    1. A clean car improves gas mileage
    2. Having a clean car improves self-confidence
    3. Your car needs to be waxed every 90 days to be protected from the sun's UV rays
    4. Your car will hold better value after being taken care of
    5. Treating the interior of your car prevents cracking
    6. Important things have been found in vehicles not regularly cleaned
    7. Varmints have also been found
    8. Clean comes before Dirty
    9. You owe it to yourself
    10. Next to your office, your car is the place you spend the most of your time

    We offer a wide range of exclusive products and solutions at affordable prices. Only a limited amount of our products can be used by the general public but we would be willing to offer a demonstration of the  ones we do sell. If you are not completely satisfied, we will refund your money.


    Nevermind the size of the job, your request will be met with expert advice, individualized attention, and innovative solutions. Contact us and discover all we have to offer. Our qualified staff is looking forward to serving you!

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